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Eastern Meadowlark
Eastern Meadowlark



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Program Events

Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society offers informative and interesting programs and exceptional speakers with slide shows to teach and thrill members and guests at the monthly chapter meetings. The board diligently pursues a full array of interests to promote better understanding of the birding world and to have entertaining yet educational programs.

Guest are welcome.  There is no Heard Museum charge for attending the chapter meeting.

To suggest a program speaker or subject, contact Denise Dengler, program chairperson, 972-208-7448.

Meeting time - 6:30 pm

The PTAS meeting place is in the Science Resource Center at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 Nature Place, McKinney, TX 75069. 
Latitude, longitude: 33.1574751, -96.615278.

Directions: After passing through the gate continue straight passed the museum building to the end of the road.  The large building is the SRC.

Below is what we have in store for the upcoming months:

Tuesday, Feb. 27, Monotypic Species of Birds

6:30 Social Time
6:50 Bird ID Class: Specimens: Corvids & cuckoos – Blue Jays, Fish & Am Crow, Ravens, Roadrunner, Black & Yellow-billed Cuckoo
7:15 Business meeting
7:30 Main Program - Monotypic Species of Birds (families of birds represented by only a single species) presented by David Sarkozi.
8:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, Mar. 27, Painted Buntings

6:30 Social Time
6:50 Bird ID Class: Lecture: Warblers
7:15 Business meeting
7:30 Main Program - Painted Buntings presented by Dr. Wayne Meyer of Austin College.
8:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, April 24, Restoration of South Texas Wildlands

6:30 Social Time
6:50 Bird ID Class: Specimens: Miscellaneous
7:15 Business meeting
7:30 Main Program - Restoration of South Texas Wildlands, an integrated approach to restore ocelot habitation presented by Rob Jess, Project Leader and Kimberly Wahl-Villarreal, Plant Ecologist, South Texas Refuge Complex.
8:30 Adjourn

Tuesday, May 22, Picnic/potluck

6:30 Social Time
7:15 Business meeting
7:30 Main Program - Dr. Doug Wood will speak on his trip to Papua New Guinea
8:30 Adjourn

Off For The Summer


A Christmas Bird Count Moment
One of PTAS's special programs is the annual Christmas Bird Count. Take a peek at a special experience that happened at a previous Christmas Bird Count
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Shore Birds

You can be a better birder at the monthly PTAS meetings held at the Heard Museum. See PTAS Birding ID Classes for details.





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